Hello, again!

Hi there,

its been a while since I spoke, I have added a couple of new pages, these are under the educational tab on the menu and they are homeschooling  and Financial Education. These two pages are important in relation to social upliftment, social inclusion and economic development.

As a black person, I feel that the black community in the world, who are Diasporas, do not make the most of the financial capital which we posses. We generally use our social capital very well, but when it comes to retaining the money in our communities we tend to spend it elsewhere rather than supporting our own communities.

Some will say what I am saying is racist, though I deny this as I am using my regeneration and economic development experience and knowledge. Over the years I have gathered that in order for a community to develop there must be a bottom up effort from the members of that community to really tackle the heart of the communities problems.

My view is that there is a need for more small and medium black owned businesses in order for there to be some sustainable success within our communities. It’s impossible to live in another country and not contribute towards it.

The aim I envisage would be a 70:30 ratio in buying from your own community and buying outside, with the 70% of purchases being bought inside your community as a start, as we know our consumer needs, whilst the mainstream is not clear on this.

I have added the home school information as I am more and more convinced that black people cannot be educated successfully to our needs in the mainstream system. For example, I feel had I have stayed at home I would have remained a top student instead of falling down the order and only picking myself up at the age of 16 when I realised I needed to be socially mobile.

The need for home school and financial education fall hand in hand as black parents may run a business, and be able to pass financial information to their children on how to run a business, learn about life, be more confident with literacy, numeracy and science, and learn how to make sound financial investments, which will enable them to make a real impact in relation to the development of our own communities.

Besides a child only needs to learn for a few hours 1:1 as opposed to several hours in a class of 30 or 40 children, as children in private schools tend to have a greater quality of education if they have more time 1:1 with the teacher.

I hope you find this information useful and I’ll be speaking again very soon.

If your black, then please buy black and support your own as it will assist in your own economic, social and environmental survival more than you think

***Please support the Blackout Monday Campaign on Monday September 8th 2014***

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