Guide to Blackout Monday – Businesses

Blackout Monday


Picture this: you’re in a shop and you’re not sure what you want so you approach an employee for assistance. They are very helpful and you walk out thinking, I received great service, I’m definitely going back there. If you own a shop this is how you want all of your customers to feel. In the next few weeks you may experience more business and here are some tips on how you can ensure that your potential new customers keep coming back.


Customer service Values:

  • The customer is always right
  • Empathise with the customer as it may have happened to you before and it demonstrates understanding of the situation
  • Ensure the customer leaves feeling valued
  • The least you should provide as a shop is excellent customer service
  • If the product is not in stock offer an alternative or offer to order the product in
  • Greet them with a smile and a good morning or good afternoon
  • Great service means customer retention and more sales
  • Ensure all gaps on the shelves are filled, the big supermarkets and metro shops do not have gaps as it demonstrates that the shop has products, which may fulfill the customers needs.
  • If a customer is aggressive listen, evaluate and take action in a calm manner.
  • If a customer is purchasing a product, why not ask what they need the ingredient for and offer some tips and additional products they may purchase (if it’s a food shop)!
  • Treat customers and put on some offers that may entice people to your shop.
  • Ensure stock is rotated correctly with the oldest date at the back with the newest date at the front, ensure load lines are not exceeded as it can be unsafe.
  • Opening and closing as you know is important, opening time are key for customers. Being consistent and reliable means that you will get consistent and reliable custom. Close to closing time, politely inform the customers that you’re closing. A sign of opening and closing times should be clear and followed to gain and retain good business.
  • If a customer is on the phone, face to face or email, they should be valued as they may just be enquiring about a product. If the first impression is great then you will be hearing and possibly seeing them again.

As a black consumer, I hope you do well on Blackout Monday and that your business is a sustained success.

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