Guide to Blackout Monday – Consumer

Blackout Monday 2

As a consumer:

Our future is important, we need to buy at least 60% of our products from our own people. Otherwise, we will continue to have the lowest employment rate and very little self-empowerment. We won’t have any money to celebrate our culture and history unless someone else approves it first outside of our race.

It’s easy to have an idea without a plan of action or sound thoughts of how to process this. I’ve had a think and have thought of some ideas you might find useful:


It’s easier said than done to buy black from black businesses, but try at least 2 days before the blackout to purchase all products that are needed such as:

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Hair Products
  • Tinned foods
  • Meat/fish

How to do this

Meat purchase from a black butchers (where possible) if the supply is limited try a meat free dish twice a week or used tinned meats (though it’s not recommended for health and possibly taste reasons)

Here are a couple ideas for meat free Caribbean dishes:


  • Hard dough bread toast and tea/water
  • Plantain (grilled or fried) and bread
  • Cornmeal porridge
  • Fruit and toast


  • Potatoes and salad
  • Salad and hard dough bread sandwich with avacardo or banana or a paste of choice


Each dinner dish can be served with some rice or Hard food, other food of choice


Go to black owned cash and carry shops or a local black owned shop for fruit and vegetables.

Another great source of Fruit and Vegetables can be your local or regional Black Market stall. You may be able to get deals on purchasing in bulk for you/and your family for this period of time.

Hair products/cosmetics

These can be purchased from black hair salons or the internet. If you live near a black area or market, there may be stalls with black people who sell our own foods.


These can be paid for through a post office, or company as normal.


It’s a necessity for work and school attendance, if possible use your own car, car share, cycle, use public transport, or Walk.


Entertainment and news is how we find out about things in the world. The world you live in can be different to everyone else’s, how about the world your ancestors created for you or our descendants. In this time the world can seem different when the information is provided by those who do not live your life.

There are some media sources such as newspapers, films and news, which can keep you informed and empowered to be positive. Seek out these items through local libraries or the internet.


The clothes we buy we usually need, how about if we buy from our own people who have an idea as to the type of clothes we want. If you require specific fittings you can go to a tailors. You can gain a good feeling when you buy from someone who’s practices and cultures are the same or similar to yourself.

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