A point of reflection

Until recently, I thought there was no use for my postgraduate certificate in a Regeneration related subject or my experience in social and economic development, I had all but resigned and started down a mathematical route (which I am glad I rejoined even as a hobby).  That said, I began to look at my own peoples plight and consider how a free market and bottom up perspectives could be used to socially and economically uplift black people as a whole.

The aim of this work I will be doing is to encourage, highly skilled black professionals to invest their skills back into their community to assist in the development of their community. This can be achieved through setting up businesses, being a mentor and encouraging and supporting social and economic development in the black community.

Currently, I’m working with a business owner to create a network, which utilises my project management and regeneration skills, whilst working on other independent projects, that use my social and regeneration skills more. One or more of the independent projects will entail partnership working, to develop social enterprises. The most successful community partnerships have partners with diverse skills with a great contribution to the end product, this can also apply to grass root community ventures with a business model.

There is scepticism of working in partnership, though through work experience and reading up on this it is what is needed. In the UK for example, I believe some local authorities will champion rather try to block efforts for blacks to create a black economy as it will mean they save more money, in providing services. There is a word of warning though, if we are creating businesses there should also be a commission set up or body that can oversee the operations of our work in the community economically to avoid monopolies and conflicts of interests.

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