Beneath the Rhetoric

September the 8th and every Friday thereafter, are our days to buy black. Well said whoever created this. Despite it being a sad state of affairs that we need this. We all need to start somewhere so this is a start.

However, in addition to this there should be some sort of strategy. There has been an attempt to create a strategy, for providing people tips on how to buy foods, by myself in two blogs one for businesses and one for consumers.

I think there is a lot of black businesses in the US which sell basics, but in the UK very few business sell basics such as bread, milk, and other staples in a large supply. The trick is to suggest to black business owners that they should stock staple foods prior to the next black out. If these businesses do get enough suggestions for that kind of food they may start stocking that food, in large quantities if it means it will encourage sales and sustained custom.

I would to start by creating a guide to buying black, which black people could utilise, as a initiative then work towards not needing, as we get more familiar with services and products which are more local to us.

It must be noted that it is difficult in the UK to exclusively shop with black businesses. Though we can do better in the UK, as other cultures sell our products and not ourselves, which is unacceptable. All cultural services should be provided by us for us, and if there is a demand for a service,  black people may enter that profession eventually to provide that service, with some support and formal encouragement. As we understand and empathise with our customers more than anyone else.

Supply and demand is a business mantra we as blacks should follow but we should all was have a consciousness of social upliftment as money can make us become selfish it should add to a community ethos, in order to allow is to maintain prosperity otherwise we will be in the same position but wealthier and still a severely marked race.

As I said in the previous blog, partnership and cooperative working is key and will be hard work learning to trust each other at first but those worth trusting will be around for the long hall.

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