Accessing funds and resources

The local community sector is becoming more business like as the years go by. Most of my experience is in the public sector, working with local community organisations to improve channel usage for them to work with their clients.

Funding is difficult for charities and local communities to access in the UK with the funding cuts of the last 7 years. The way in which organisations get funding traditionally has been from the local authority. This has occurred through grants and provision of resources in the form of staff, and collaborative working.

As local authorities have felt the squeeze on resources so do many local organisations. As many are run on volunteers, many can run on little funding or private finance. Others require more funding due to the outreach work or direct client services they provide, as well as the organisational structure.

If you are starting a local or community organisation there is much work that needs to go into this like planning a business or a project, whilst this blog is discussing local organisations there are plenty of sources to discuss the setting up of a charity in the UK. The main aim when seeking funding is to persuade the finders, what the cashable benefits (cost savings or profit to the community as a whole) if money is oversteps will this mean your service can A. Meet a community need and B. Meet a cost saving that will apply to the local authority.

Another requirement will be the disadvantages of the project what will be a downside of the organisations around it what are the alternatives. Then the deciding factor what will happen if the organisation and the activities do not materialise. This is the organisations selling point what the organisation can offer to the community around it.

There are many ways in which funding can be obtained on this site I have created a signposting page, where finding funding is made easier following the instructions online Community Resources.


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