The Self-Gratification Route

As a master of this way of thinking, I know only too well the effects of this (self gratification) for all you amateur and professional astrologists amongst you its a Capricorn trait. The way in which things are happening in the US, and more imminent to me in the UK is striking. There are similar problems without the killings blatantly by the police (though it happens in police custody in the UK).

The problem with the UK is West Indians came over and only wanted to be here as a short term measure rather than a medium/long term strategy. This suited those born between 1915 and 1945, who have either sold up and returned to the West Indies or retired. Though those born after this time say 1945 – 1955, we’re not educated in the verse of financial education. They have a lot of money or savings but some did not carry on the family business or attempted to create businesses but they failed and just returned to working normally, rather than try again to create a business.

The problem this creates, is our own products are sold by other races who are not black or don’t identify with being black. This is compared to the small number of black owned businesses, who have to charge more and are undercut by these non-black businesses selling Black products. This means we don’t own many businesses and have less social cohesion with a lack of funds in our communities, a culture if expecting too much from the government. This means, as some prominent activists for black economic community development have said we are a reactionary people rather than a people who can sit down and plan.

The aim (in the UK, at least) should be on having our own businesses, through the use of knowledge and expertise within our communities. I see a lot of children born in the 1970’s and 1980’s born are qualified in the knowledge economy, but use it to solely create economic wealth. Conversely, I feel this knowledge would be better used for economic gain and the development of their communities, through business ownership and the creation of jobs. If only we used the knowledge to create businesses and social structures rather than to build up another’s economy. Less Asian’s would be selling in the black community and more blacks would be selling to each other, full stop.

Asians are naturally seen as neither friend or foe to black people, rather as another race but they treat us with contempt. So this leads me to think why not look at the way they treat us as a way of increasing our hold on our local economy and give our youth part time work in holidays or as students or apprenticeships rather than burdening a government, where we are not a priority we should create our own jobs.

I look at this from a regeneration point of view, do we need to join a knowledge economy, the answer would be yes and no, yes in terms of creating a world class economy where we can trade with Africa and other countries but no as the Eurocentric knowledge economy gives much training only to attract companies and business who only hire a few (if at all any) of the local residents.

The black community works like the knowledge economy, we have businesses who set up in our community, but do not directly invest in the community, rather we provide money (through purchasing) to the businesses, who spend the money outside of the community and hire their own residents rather than local residents. Our community has been a free market for 20 years, benefiting other races but us at the expense of us, but it’s time we as blacks become protectionist. This means we should protect our interests by buying buildings supporting setting up businesses and employ our own and trade with those who are in our best interests. This is not easy to begin with as we would need a cohesion, teamwork ethic, if we can work as a team with people who we don’t like. We as a people have a shared objective, we will be left behind if we don’t pick up and if we are to be prominent and self sufficient then we should put aside our differences and work together (at least in business and community partnerships, not be best friends etc), we just need to support each other not cut each other down, myself included as I’m not above any of this which I am talking about.

Direct foreign investment (where a country or community receives outside investment as is proven does no domestic good for no one it just has benefits for the multinational company/ business who is not part of the country/community, which they have been invited to reinvigorate. Like in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s let’s get protectionist and rebuild with what we have, and not look to integrate economically until we are sustainable at least.

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    1. Upliftment Solutions

      Firstly, Apologies for the late response. I very rarely spend time on the site as its a probono blog I write to give back. Thank you for the positive feedback.


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