Black Local Economic Development – Part 2

Creating our own community involves the following: the development and responsibility, it is owned by local people, building a new capital base, obtaining local ownership of the strategy, the development of social entrepreneurs, the construction of a alternative local economy, maximising control of buildings, local community groups and businesses and the decision making process, which affects our everyday lives.

This approach is most relevant to black people, in our current circumstances. We have the opportunity to build an economy, from the ground up -for us by us. The thing that holds us back is our lack of cohesion, our inability to mobilise, accountability and transparency.

There are currently attempts to mobilise, through different private and free market strategies. Community organisation attempt to bridge our deficit but as a people, we are not interested in our own progression as a whole, we blame each other rather than owning a strategy and some of those who appear to be in our best interests would like to claim glory .

Black Regeneration would require support from a local and regional level. We should consider pooling our resources and energy for two things at first, buying our own products and from our own shops to strengthen our own economy like some groups. At the same time we should consider the possibility of putting representatives in local government to ensure locally and regionally we can have a say in economic, social and physical developments.

The business initiatives are important as a kick start but we need our community and grassroots organisations to work with businesses and private enterprises to ensure there is some regulation as there will always be a vulnerability of those who are financially excluded who businesses will not cater for. Creating a gap in wealth and class in regards to the access to some free market services.

Despite the downsides, the black community development can be achieved. We including myself should use our experience and skills to contribute towards building and implementing a strategy locally at first then regionally by getting other localities to join and work in partnership to create a regional strategy, then let’s see where it can go.

In consideration of the government based aim this could be revisited further down the line, when building blocks are put in place for a national movement. This can be when blacks have influence in local and regional polices involving ourselves. There may be the opportunity to involve the state if we have representatives serving our best interests. Currently it’s not possible as at all levels we are self serving.

On a final note, we must plant some seeds before roots can grow, let’s start now, and move on crawl by crawl until we can walk.

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