Black local innovation

As a people we don’t have a major share in technology,  which can be used to develop our communities and be a substantial part of our local economy. We buy technology from all races but we very rarely, if at all use technology as a business to sell products or to repair.

Currently, there is a number of people who are qualified academically, professionally or through life experience in this area. Attempts should be made to keep the highly educated black people in the areas they grew up in with other black people by getting them to (socially, economically or politically) invest in the area through creating centres or community hubs (places where we can go to discuss technology or share ideas), funding or championing the growth of technology centres in black areas. A podcast I was listening to was talking about how as black people we are behind in technological development.

In the UK most black people who work in technology, work for the government or for private companies. This also applies to scientists as well. There should be an approach to ensuring we can utilise these skills in UK communities (where black people live, in clusters)&, in some cases these skills are taken to Africa as many scientists and engineers are of african descent.

If we can set up a structure for our scientific and engineering professionals or those with an interest in technology to wet share ideas we may as a community develop a stronger business economy selling technology and services to ourselves and others.

How can this enable black empowerment, currently there is a lot of talk and discussion about the increasing role of technology in the world and how we live. In other cultures, like in business other cultures the members of the community move away learn something the bring that extra knowledge back to provide more skills and financial capital to the local economy.

Black people do this in respects of Africans and Caribbean a going back to their respective countries when they gain more knowledge. Black people in the UK tend to live in less black areas or they tend not to get involved in volunteering within that community.

Mainly these graduates and skilled workers would add to an existing industry in the black community. This is a challenge, which we would be required to overcome as there are few jobs the professionals would be required create jobs through business creation, possibly in partnership with other skilled professionals.

This is possible through networking and using community resources to provide a platform for the talented individuals and groups within our communities to develop and pursue their skill, in keeping our race up to date with technological developments from a sellers point of view rather than just a consumers.

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