An account of being capable through transparency

For the last few days, there has been much discussion of how as a people we as a people we can develop and create a cohesive black community. For a while I have been attempting to utilise the regeneration and socially concious skills which I have to contribute towards the movement of making our people self sustainable and efficient like how we should be rather than unsustainable and inefficient.

Naturally I am a planner so I have a paradox, I will admit I am not a people person but I enjoy volunteering and using the skills which I have to assist the social, economic and psychologically uplift others (now my own people, rather than all over races).

The viewpoint I look at development has economic, social and physical considerations, with three titles attached, which are transparency, accountability and capability. These are often overlooked in black businesses and organisations, when considering how they manage their finances and the running of the organisation. To be transparent more organisations and community groups would need to ensure the stakeholders (people affected by the organisations work) are aware of what the organisation is doing and how it is going about doing this. For accountability, there would be a need for organisations to ensure they are fully responsible for the actions they take and the outcome of these actions. The capability would be whether or not organisations are capable of providing the services and information required to uplift the respective communities.

Considering economic, social and psychological considerations, there are some, who believe the economic has to come first in order to develop the others. I agree and disagree, coming from a public sector point of view, my observations have meant there is a need for finances in some community development projects and work, whilst others have required social capital (access to resources and information which is not financial, through social networks I.e friends, family and acquaintances). Developing the business first can lead to the business using the community organisation as a marketing tool rather than just as a silent contribute and be used to achieve the end goal of more customers.

The psychological aims can be met through volunteering and a discussion which leads to how members of the black community can sit down with a counsellor, and talk about their history and how it has affected their lives today as we blacks (African American and Caribbean) have much dysfunction in our communities.

Social aims require some finance but this is not the be all and end all of this its more working with community members ensuring they are able to be socially included, through workshops, community groups, meeting with other peers and if parents other black parents and providing advice and information which can assist in developing them socially and making them socially cohesive. Finance would assist in ensuring rooms are booked or being able to ensure there are resources for use. These projects should be run through volunteers and costs should be related to operations like building and utilities.

From my knowledge and experience, I would like there to be a more considered approach to the development of a black community. Capitalism is not the only ingredient we need, add more cooperation amongst ourselves and dare I say it some big society to the pot and the stew may turn out well if cooked over a reasonable period of time.

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