Collective good from an aloof soul

After attending a talk by Dr Umar johnson, a legend but a great in all respects. I would like to hope that during the tour people from my hometown in the North (of the UK)  had attended the talk.

I noticed that from this talk it wasn’t an opportunity for me to get excited and motivated to help my own people rather it created new avenues, which I could access when using the skills and experiences gained to put down some foundations for future generations.

I have admitted that I’m socially awkward and very aloof,but I like to make a great impact socially, this is down to me being a capriquarius (a Capricorn on the Aquarius cusp), if your into astrology.

As a natural planner and a technically minded person, I think sometimes relating to what Dr Umar Johnson said, we don’t do this enough sit down and have meetings and critically evaluate and review the feasibility of plans. Rather we tend to sometimes not plan long enough, introduce an idea then onlookers critics.

The problem occurs when people criticise but do not add to the plans and stay on the outside looking in. I always used to volunteer but just for causes concerning all colours rather than my own people.

I like meetings and planning, though it has to be structured and with a end and objectives agreed which must be at least  attempted to be met by the next meeting, so progress can be made on the topics being discussed rather than stagnating and debating how things can improve.

Our people need to utilise their professional skills rather than being emotionally charged and just willing to comment but not in the least willing to use some of their skills and experience to assist in another cause, it’s the only way we can improve our position just look at how other cultures cooperate inspire of internal differences.

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