Technological Hub

Recently, there has been much focus in the mainstream media on how technology has been used to infiltrate high profile companies databases and spread viruses. As a race our young people and experienced professionals work with technology and as I have stated before many of us do not know how to manipulate the workings.

We use it for different perspectives such as, working, marketing, social media, purchase smart phones and tablets but we don’t know how to fix or develop them yet we rely on someone else to undertake repairs or modifications, which we aspire to.

I am one of these people myself, though I have recently completed a level 3 engineering course with an ambition to undertake study on further mathematics and electronic device repair. More black people who are skilled at this should be promoting within the black communities or they should be seeking to obtain training so services and teaching can be passed on.

There are black professionals, who have data and programming skills, though many of them are working in the mainstream rather than providing services to black businesses and attempting to develop services within the black business community. There may be a feasible reason in countries like the UK, where black people are a true minority, though we should still be attempting to create a new perspective. In countries like America and where ever else there is a sizeable black community, we should be able to utilise these skills to provide a black service to our own people rather than going to another race, who may be looking at just developing their own race and ave no true identity with black people.

As a practical person, it’s easy for me to talk like this, though I’m looking from regeneration and socio-economic perspective as well as a technicians point of view on this topic. My long term aim would be to use all the experience and knowledge gained to work with other technically minded persons on a social conscious capacity, whilst teaching another generation of like minded individuals.

If black people followed the Indian example, of graduates and undergraduates going to San Francisco working in silicon valley and taking the experience back to their native countries, Africa could have like India had a Indian equivalent in Bangalore, sure there are arguments against this with power shortages etc. There is still a technological knowledge hub, which is allowing India to develop technologically.

The more information and experience we gain, the more likely it is we will be able to export this knowledge to Africa even if its through diaspora countries such as the Caribbean and central america, eventually, we may work together with africa as the countries and territories we derive from will not provide the same opportunity and scope as Africa.

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