Taxi please !

I was travelling in the last couple of days in my home town after seeing family for the holiday period. I was getting a taxi from a black owned taxi company possible one of a few if the only ones owned in the UK and I was talking to the taxi driver about the owner. My point is though that he started from nothing basically a few cars and got a reputation for having a good and reliable service and has over 70 drivers, who drive for him.

 The black taxi driver I spoke to mentioned something which made sense and irritates me now. The fact that black people don’t support other businesses, will say something is not right like the aesthetics or a product is not perfect at the start. Granted it might not be but I would rather see my own people trying to be professional rather than support another race who is clearly prejudice.

 Also another thing is, in the north of the UK, Asian people have a monopoly, in certain areas, whereas black people don’t. They attempt to buy out black people, for example two Asian families live either side of a relatives house and they attempt to buy them out but she will not sell as they want to knock the house through so three houses are one.

 Black people do not think like this as its group economics and living with extended families, I find it annoying but also respect it as they thrive as a community. This relates to the taxi company as the Asians try to buy his business as its a lucrative earner but he won’t sell. I would like to see him and other black businesses get together on that part of the North to create a black business alliance (formal or informal). As these people (Asians) think we are not serious business people.

I hope the business grows but also the opportunity to invest or at least provide a resource for the development of a positive black movement in a sleepy town as such. Dare I say when I go up there I seem wide awake whilst others sleep.

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