Technological development

Recently I have been working with technology and attempting to (largely successfully) repair and take apart and reconstruct technological devices.  It lead me to think about how technology is consumed by the black community but is not repaired or created by us.

I am in the process of going back to a childhood hobby of fixing electronic devices. Though I have been in the last year undertaking a level 3 qualification in electronics, I am specialising in another area related to this.

I find that young blacks people even older young black people do not consider going into repairs as a feasible profession even though, we use and consume them at a high rate.

There is a thought that it’s not lucrative or that there is much maths and some people are more practical than others, plus there’s the viewpoint that it’s not lucrative and as straightforward as other industries.

This is true to a certain point though it must be considered that there is some money to be made but just a steady income and its a unique skill being able to fix things. I am still seen as a technician in my family and friends say if something breaks or is not working. As a kid I could tune TV’s and VCRs, build speakers, fix VCRs which weren’t working correctly,  know why a TV wasn’t working simply from watching my dad or technicians who came to fix things and know how to rewire a plug or test the voltage on a plug socket at age 7.

Despite being in my early 30s and gone down a project route I still feel useless unless I can fix something and have decided to go down the technical route. I would like to see more young black people go down this route rather than the knowledge economy as I feel our communities would be stronger as a result and it would in turn create fellow black citizens who can contribute to rather than just consume the technology.

The maths aspect is true to a certain point but only when looking at voltage and resistance, in some repairs. The practical side is important, but many people have this skill, but may look at making an easier living (like I have in the past). The importance is that if you like the aspect of problem solving and are practical then why not. Besides, technological shops make up 25% of black dominated areas high streets in the UK.

This is important for the younger generation to look at more and more as technological reliance increases, technological know how and mechanical expertise growth within the black community should be on the increase too. Me I just want to make sure Im still in tune with how current technology works.

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