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Websites as a Central Hub

Please accept my apologies for this long absence. For the last few months, I have been taken up by the task of making myself and my wife economically self-sufficient. I just thought I should discuss this which is not often discussed and I begin with……

As a sports fan living in the UK I often see how the running of sports clubs is not always to the fans liking. There are also situations where fans of these clubs may feel like they are victimised, mistreated or taken for granted by these sports. How do these people react, they vote with their feet so they do not renew season tickets, don’t buy tickets to the next game, put their money together to create a banner in the sky with a message to the team whilst the team is playing, or they create a website with a crowdfunding initiative in order to raise finance to buy the club or set up another team.

Two examples exist Manchester United and Wimbledon,  the fans of these clubs, were not happy with how the team was being managed by the owners so they banded together and created a separate team to the other teams, which is now becoming more successful and are owned by the fans, who have a greater input in the service and products it provides to the community.

This leads to my next point in relation to my own people, I have thought about the possibility of black people creating websites and voting with our feet. We always complain about the way things are against us but we dont always follow through with voting with our feet. European people do this, we should too.

The thing that gets to me is when there is a killing in our community by the police, its seems a website is not created a central location where we as a people can go and contribute financially, condolences etc. rather its scattered with Facebook pages and twitter pages and crowd funding pages which replicates our disorganisation rather than our strategic qualities, which is why we are laughed at by the authorities.

We have enough people on the ground in the places such as Baltimore and wherever else in America black people are killed by the police, why is there no website, not necessarily in the name of the person killed but maybe a website which is the main hub that can represent each state of America where black people are a high percentage of the population and it can be used to raise funds for responses to the dreadful action which is taken against our people at the moment.

In regards to voting with our feet we should as a people be more strategic with our actions. I will be the first to admit that I was taken in by the impulse of boycotts. Though we should consider boycotting shops which are owned by people who do not look like us selling our cosmetic and nutritional/food products. Then we should consider purchasing these items at black owned shops only as they are the places who will (on the whole know what and why they are selling our products to us).

If we can use websites these will provide a central focus to the issues at hand and be able to use it as a platform to engage offline as our situation can only change if we start on line but do the bulk of the work and discussion offline. The voting with the feet can only be a must in the upcoming time period when looking at how our race is treated, using two examples I’ve seen from sport its a snapshot to how Europeans are an clearly we could do with taking a leaf or two from this book to get our own grip on our economics and finances.