4 thoughts on “Excluded from Group Economics

  1. underworldstudios

    Great article, however I wouldn’t state that people with mental health issues are unreliable any more than people with physical health issues (though both are still physical since your brain is part of your body). In both cases they can be prone to attacks or flare ups of their disability which would cause them to miss work. Sickle cell isn’t a mental illness but it along with asthma, and diabetes can put you out of work for a while. I think one of our main issues is addressing our health on our own. Most if not all diseases are reversible with diet. Google doctor Sebi and a host of other natural healers. We need to understand what’s making us sick and those things are not heredity, but inherited bad diets. Matter of fact, here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzVqEfXJHVc

    1. Upliftment Information Post author

      Hi thanks for for the Kudos and response. I see your point I was just pointing out that persons with mental health disabilities due to the U predictive nature will have down days or periods of not coping.

      I still think as a race we need to discuss such conditions and look at how this can be managed, which was the point I was making in the blog. I know of Dr Sebi but he’s a herbalist I would look at someone like Dr Umar Johnson who looks at the psychological aspect more so. Though Sebi is like a ras in terms of looking at herbs and Ital foods to heal the black nation.

      1. underworldstudios

        I understand your point. I’m familiar with Dr. Johnson too. I just think that since we are under attack on all fronts, then it’s best not to use just one method to retaliate. Dr. Johnson I feel is good for people who are trying to work together, Sebi I feel is getting for a person getting his or herself together. But at the end of the day, the only way we get ahead is if we’re all leaders.

      2. Upliftment Information Post author

        Yeah I see your point. I’m not african American so I have a slightly different perspective but I’m on the same path, as my blogs should show.

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