The Black Digital Inclusion

There are some people who do not have access to the internet as they may not have a device or regular access to the internet.

If you are a business or a service provider looking at this information, you could consider users with less access than some of your target audiences.

There are computer classes availible for those who do not have internet skills or computer skills but what should be considered is those without device skills such as smartphones, phablets and tablets.

I have previously been involved in projects with persons looking at accessing the internet and how it is accessed with some of the following aims to come out of this:

– Services availible to those who have not got regular access to the interent.

– Having a stall of your services with a tablet and smartphone showing how your service can be accessed through different means

– Providing information and (where possible) equiptment to persons who do not have the money to access the services.

– Working with companies and organisations to get access to computers, smartphones and Tablets to those who cannot access them.

– One of the things to consider for those who do not have access to devices which utilise your service is whether or not you have thought about this.

The importance of more people having access to technology:

  • Can Pay bills online.
  • Health advice and information available online.
  • Use emails to communicate.
  • Can use social media to contact friends and relatives.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the news.

This is part of a Mini Digital Inclusion Blog Series making you more aware of those whoare excluded from the internet socially.

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