Black Reading and Listening Shows

Its been a while since I last blogged on a regular basis, but since the last two blogs on the Brexit and looking at black peoples history, I am asking a question about reading and writing.

So I will ask, rhetorically, do many of you watch Vlogs online more than reading of blogs. I often listen to podcasts but I also where possible read articles and blogs to keep upto date with news.

I find there are many black talking heads who post videos or podcasts, but vary rarley have a article in a publication or write a blog on what they do or topics they are talking about.

The reason, I believe is because black people do not like to read we like to watch at video, though I believe we should also have a literary element as video streaming is beginning to replace TV but this should not be the case as there are some people on these channels who talk for the sake of talking but no one is willing to write down what they are finding out, and some people are less willing to read.

One other thing is people are less willing to listen to podcasts, as they may not identify with listening to some intelligent speech but they should try it as you can listen whilst you are in the car, (in some cases) working and at home. Not everything should be watched, there is also reading and listening too. I hope there are some people who can begin to use these forms too.

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