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Black Retail

Greetings readers, it’s been a long time. I have seen something which had caught my attention very recently and was considering sharing this with you.

Notably the spending habits of black people and the ability for us to buy from ourselves rather than someone else. For example shopping and spending habits are difficult to break and it starts with the individual and the community which they come from and are part of.

For example if a person decides to buy hair products from a particular vendor who is not the same race as them it cannot be stopped but if the person looks at why is there no black people who work in a shop where your product is sold, this should spark alarms as you should recognise that if there are non of your own people working in this shop selling a product unique to yourself then why should you purchase.

Another point is we as a race would rather spend in a shop of another race than assist our own in building a business and employment for our own youth. I would also ask can your own teenage child or other teenagers get a summer or weekend job in these shops. If not then why not and what is the colour of the young persons in these businesses.

Black people we are laughed at, I remember 12 years ago as a twenty year old fresh out of my teens not buying from persons who were not black when purchasing food (largely) or cosmetics simply for that reason, I was told I was mad but I stick to my guns. The price was more but I understood why (due to black shops not buying products in bulk and paying more and passing this onto the customer). Don’t get me wrong I would only go to places with decent service, but I am glad any hard food I buy is from a black business.

I challenge Caribbean and  African persons to purchase  from black shops when looking at our own cosmetics rather than an Asian or Arab who looks nothing like us.

Meeting at the Market

As you may have read there are different ways in which we as black people can help ourselves and our communities. As a person, I attempt in the UK to buy at least my own cultural foods and cosmetic products from a black owned business.

In the part of the south east where I reside and in the UK in general, there are not many black businesses who own businesses selling general household items.

Black people who would like to buy black can in the USA, and around the world, there is not enough black people in the UK who own grocery shops, rather we tend to own shops which sell our own ethnic foods as in the UK we are from different parts of the Caribbean and Africa rather than African american and we are just under 1.5 million people strong, over here.

Community emphasis should be on those black people with finance, to be able to open, budget shops and market stalls in local areas as well as the natural food and product shops which are popular amongst our people and can cater towards our affordability.

You may ask why own a budget shop or a (shared) market stall, fact of the matter, we do not have much money currently in our communities and this is a way in which we could have affordable black shops. Market stalls are another way in which the local black community could trade in the local area. I grew up in a local area where I grew up seeing black people as market traders and owning stalls. Granted this was in the North, but this also occurs in other cultures and communities in the UK.

Black people would be able to find a bargain and everyday utilities if a few of our own people would open a business in this area, I also mean people who are in their 20’s, and 30’s too not just those over 40 and encouraging younger people to create such a business for ourselves.

I am a fan of group economics but also group sociology too. How is this relevant, if you can have a few market traders who are trading in a market, you may support each other and create a stronger unit, it will encourage local people to go to the market, and to similar stalls in groups or to meet their and it be a meeting place as a informal community space. As black people as a whole, don’t necessarily like to call each other if there is a regular meeting place we would rather see each other at that meeting point.

People will then talk more and different black communities may begin to liaise more as parents speak to each other the children may not want to fight each other as people whose parents know each other are less likely to fight, rather they may if not get along at least respect each other. As disputes between the younger people or children may lead to both sets of parents and families coming together to sort the problem out, potentially.

This is how things was for a little while in the UK, in smaller cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester and Bristol until the 1980’s. Now its just a thought from childhood, I hope this can be kickstarted again, through markets we may have a presence at and a reason for black people to come out to unite.