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I see from my own network that there is a lack of ethics. I have learned over the past few months this is an important aspect of any community. There is no code of conduct in the West or East (where we reside). Mostly due to colonialism and slavery. Some talk about a code and that is good but there are different caveats to it.

The codes in the West are built on ancient philosophy from Greece. The Greeks culturally may not fit into the lives of culture of black people but the essence can be taken from it. For example in the event of a black person being responsible or a spokesperson for black people, they be selected based on virtues they have rather than charm and charisma. As virtues often mean when times are hard they make the best decision for the best possible outcome.

Currently we as a people have a open market which means any black person can come and sell an idea without us the black public being circumspect (critical of comparing it to other person’s and ideas). Another example is to use utilitarian view points where the greatest good for the greatest number, whilst it works in theory, in practice there is no agreement amongst anyone.

Most laws are based on justice and fairness (sounds like libra which is their motto I digress). This is Kantian but it is not very possible since there are strict laws to follow and as a race only in our home countries could this be followed, rather than in the west.

If black people are to take up a philosophy, we would need repercussions for not following conduct. I dislike rules and repercussions, though the situation is important to develop this. For example if taking up a position of spokesperson, elders would need to consider who can or cannot speak for us. This could start with middle age people now, who grow into older people. The repercussions would be public disapproval and not being deemed fit morally to represent our people. I can but name a few people this might apply to right now.

Currently there is some accord finally being struck namely with the 2020 election as now black people are starting to ask for more from politicians. This may be a start but we know it would need to start off locally then regional, national then international. Blacks have different variations in our culture and there would need to be some relativism (basically cultural variation) to a group of ethical codes.

Virtues of character seems the best bet with a utilitarian approach to use. Since there is metaphorical sacrifice which needs to be made to get social, economical and political justice. Individually we would all need to do our bit at home, whilst in the bigger picture this is a philosophy we could follow if only black people had a unified nationality or religion.

A Pilot Campaign

Blacks who are creating projects should be looking at business and project management models, since they need to create something effective, efficient and sustainable to the lives of black people

I learned from as long time ago that a pilot project should be created before you get investment. Many businesses start of small and grow or show they have a following before they ask for investment or funding. This demonstrates to the investors that your idea is viable and it is what the people want. Its and example that action is more clearer than words. Some ideas are still funded or investment is provided if the initial venture has failed but the difference it can make with the right funding is great.

Some black people who crowdfund, have a service or product already which should be the point. Others want to start from zero. The crowdfunding campaigns, which are starting a project from zero will have a higher chance of not materialising, if no work has not started before the funding campaign started. There should be more clear plans and direction of the project at least and the market should be tested, not just through research but a prototype or as said above a small scale version of the project.

The main project/business can then be created, through having a business case which in summary shows:

  • The benefits 
  • The negative impact
  • The difference it will make

The most important aspect of the persons ideals should be the difference they can make as this can determine whether it will work. If you have no project already then its not likely you can see a practical benefit (no matter how small), rather than a theoretical one.

I follow this most of the time, but like anyone else if someone has a way with psychology and I believe I have done the checks to the best of my ability then I put my hands up, but I use it as a learning experience, just like you would.

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Black Hibernation Month

For the months of October and February in the UK and America there are celebrations which look at the history and tradition of black people according to how the funders set the stall out.

The time when the celebrations are made are usually when it just starts to become dark or when it is really cold. In the UK it is dark and beginning to be cold in the month of October so events do get attendance but really you want to hibernate. In the US the month of February which can be warm or cold depending on which part of the country you are in.

The festival should be in both July and August as it is summer and most of the kids are on holiday and so it can be a time to reinforce the knowledge which people have about African history. There should not be one month of just history it should be a year round thing with the two months being festivals mirroring those in the main land of Africa, with tribal dances, drumming and story telling, and the talks which outline the importance of these activities.

Many of the topics of black history month look at social progress, though if you are talking about history, you need to look also at the political and economic factors. If you look at just the social factors then you have no economic awareness which means you rely on another group which is happening now. You should be able to get economic information about business owners, wealth black people and how you can help your communities through wealth and income, i.e. learning that money is not a contentious issue but an important on.

Politics is important too as we look at thinks on the surface and think just because someone was said to do good for black people they were good people. Rather, we should look at what the person did to improve our economic (wealth building, job creation and access to finances) situation. Like with elections, we need to learn how to get together and ask people how they will help us and what we can do to guarantee their assistance.

The reason I believe, there is political and economic factors missing in black history presentations and the same or similar people being talked about is the events are provided by the local authority. If your presentation is publicly funded then you will need to keep to an agenda, which is favourable to them. The better alternative is to have your own event, and listing it on websites within the local area you live.

There are places you can look which can suggest free or low cost buildings and rooms for rent to hold a presentation or event. The costs can be recouped if you do it through do nations or charge a price you think is reasonable for the event.

If you live in the UK and would like to find a venue for black history events or other events, you can find some here.

Further Information

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Business As Usual

Recently, there have been the shootings and the deaths as a result. Black people on social media and over the internet have been talking about what to do next and how to go about stopping these things happening in the future. I remember in 2014, when my wife and I became more enlightened and started to see things from a deeper perspective. Micheal Brown was shot and we emotionally got sucked into the talk of taking action, at that time we were just finding our feet.

Over time we no realise that many people like to talk and as we are trying to set ourselves up to become more independent we are now not emotionally attached to the american situation since African Americans by and large only think about themselves and things which affect america.

I have set this site up and blogged over the last two years (even before Ferguson) to assist people with information and sources on developing their local communities through regeneration (since I have knowledge and experience of working in this area).

Many of the blogs I have posted are about community development through, physical regeneration (sweeting your walkway., doing your garden, cleaning/painting your walls), developing a regeneration strategy, creating black businesses and (a strong area of mine) bridging the digital divide, ensuring you are digitally literate so you can engage in certain conversations.

So, my position now is to be business as usual and continue with the work I am doing to become selfsufficient but also post information you might find useful on the website (at semi regular intervals).

I hope many black people are working towards, making things better for their people over a medium to long term rather than taking too much time out now to look at short term discussion points which do not deliver in the long term.

Critically Ill-informed

If your in the UK you have probably, noticed a big decision and if you acted within your rights you also had your input. Yes, the UK is now out of the European Union, well not yet as there are some massive loose ends, which need tying up but if you read the newspapers and the internet you’ll get at least the gist of this.

I’m here to look at the social, economic and political factors of this. Starting with the social factors, I look at those who voted in favour of staying as being silently racist but being informed of the ramifications of not leaving the EU. Those who voted out well thats clear they dont like black people (other races can speak for themselves). Black people in the UK are divided, especially as many Caribbean people cannot accept they are African and work with Africans when were are one of the same, just like the british european and the european from the penninsular are one in the same.

Economically, this is a problem, if you dont have a diverse income then you will be in trouble as European British people will employ thier own, whilst black people will have to fend for ourselves. Im not sure how many black people own thier own businesses, which is making profit, but this will need to exponentially grow in the next 5 years (preferably 2). If you are starting out like myself you have a chance, also if you are researching and wanting to create a income that too will be good enough.

If you do not have the motivation to start a business, investing might be an answer if you can, otherwise you may find you will struggle to make ends meet of find a job as black people in the UK have economic well as the numbers of businesses is low.

Our political position is linked to the economic position, if we dont have businesses then how can we elect councellors or MPs or even ask MP’s to campaign on our behalf for services we need or even sponsor services we need. This falls down to the point of view that the average black adult believes the government (local and national) should pay for the service or facility. No we should be paying for this.

This vote should be a kick up the backside but Im sure it wont be rather it will be just another thing to sit around and discuss then get up and live your normal life, I hope I’m wrong.

Black People and Sports

For years there has been much discussion about black people and playing sports. This has been something I am interested in, as a kid I wished I could go to university to play sport, then do a profession at the same time.

This was in line with playing football (soccer), but I went to university in the UK (twice – Undergraduate and postgraduate). Now I would not encourage black young people to go to university unless they were going to become a lawyer or a medical professional.

Recently the person who protested was brave and honourable but as many have said if it wasn’t for the football players getting involved then he probably would have been left to starve or given up as there would have been little support.

This demonstrates there is much economic weight behind the people who fund sports in the west. Black people are exploited in going to play college sport and academy sport in the UK. The question I have is whether or not they are encouraged to look at alternative careers.

I remember as a young man always thinking if I became a sports person I would get some education as I heard too many stories of people knowing only sports and when they were dropped out of the sport they went into drugs and crime.

The way I see it is people should look at playing sports like Tennis or Cricket where they can get a qualification and they have to work during the off season if they are not the best to keep an income coming on, it keeps you honest. For men you can pick up a trade – Electrician, plumber or carpentry, even set up your own business. For women it could be health and well being or just setting up a business which allows you flexibility between playing your sport.

Many of times I see sports trying to take you away from real life when you play for them yet when they have finished with you they will drop you like a hot coal.

These sports people in america (and the west) should be looking towards setting examples like with the hunger strike but setting up or working with black support groups who can provide counselling and advise in relation to what alternative/back up careers you can look at if things do not work out.

Much of the time the institutions are only interested in what you can give them at that time and any external ideas or approaches are seen as a threat to them, rather than thinking only 1 in a 100 will make it through so lets prepare them for life after this sport. We must do it ourselves with organisation, planning and preparation.

Direct Black Investment

This is related to the discussions which are taking place today, where there is a lack of black owned businesses today. So you ask, what is direct black investment, in the regeneration world this would be the same as direct foreign investment from multinational companies, rather from people who live in the city or country where the investment is required.

The investment is linked to the skill level in the community, for example the government in the UK ensured all the young people were trained up to meet the needs of these companies which were being attracted to the town or city. This was not a total success as investment from outside sources tend to provide some benefits to the local area but tend to employ their own nationals.

Considering gentrification there is investment in black areas but the investment is from people who are likely not to employ black people or the token person. This supports my argument for direct black investment, black people are likely to employ other black people if we live in the area rather people from outside the community and there is a likelihood of the area due to money staying the the community being improved physically, socially and politically.

How would this be developed, starting by looking at the skills which are available in the area, this is fertile ground as there will be many black people with a diversity of skills, who would be looking for a diverse number of roles. There would also be a business need such as grocery shops, cosmetics, repair shops, launderettes etc….

There is a potential to start such businesses, there may be a lack of external finance, but maybe creating financial cooperatives, black people putting their money together in a fund, creating a credit union and setting up one business then using the profits to then create another business if there is not one benefactor may be a way of starting a business.

The downsides of this may be there is a lack of support or benefactors available and a lack of appetite.

Below is an example of a simple idea I had:

There was a building in the town I grew up in and it was for sale, I was thinking there was a way in which this could be purchased as it is owned by the local authority but it was possibly going to be purchased by Asian people, who would then rent it back out to our own people. I had worked out a proposal for the building to be purchased, whereby:

  • 55% of the building would be funded by businesses

  • 45% of the building would be paid for by the local community (minimal donation of £ per year)

This would mean the building would be owned by the black people, this building is used at least 30 weeks of the year and can be used to host other community events, to generate revenue for the upkeep and costs of the building.

This was not met with much interest and the building was taken off the market so it is still owned by the towns council.

My point is why have outside investment, and rent the building, when even in the short example, there can be an opportunity to own and control the community space and provide activities and events for the benefit of the community, with our own investment.

The need for direct black investment is important, a blog I wrote (Black Local Innovation) looks at the ways in which money and skills staying inside the black community could be a way in which we can develop our communities.

Please see the sources below which expand on this.

Direct Foreign Investement Definition (Wikipedia)

High streets in trouble as big names go bust (

Example of British High Street being deserted

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Economically fuelled black political participation

There are presidential elections coming and as Dr Claude Anderson speaks about there is the potential for black people to have a say in politics, within America, I am not saying we will get much but we must at least show some of the following:

  • Unification
  • Seriousness
  • Intent

Considering each of the above, we as a race are not currently unified, either in the US, Caribbean, South and Central America or in Africa. We need to put asside our differentces, in a discussion which I was having I listed at least 5 different cateogaries of black people which did not agree and were not able to see race as a way in which we could work together. These groups were:

  • Religious

  • Middle class

  • Working class

  • Concious

  • Entrepreneur

The religious persons, only unite with each others denomination, e.g. Christians unite with other Christians despite colour, Muslims unite with other Muslims despite the colour (on the surface) and other religions unite and support the other members. The middle class blacks largely leave the black areas which they grow up in and do not tend to invest back into the community as there is a individualistic point of view that I have to get mines, which is what the working class black people become indoctrinated and aspire to being afraid of working together as they fear other black people will leave the community and forget about everyone, which is largely true.

Then, there’s the concious people who can be exclusive and only want to work with conscious people and the entrepreneur, which is only in some cases considering the monetary value that a person can bring to them and their company, rather than the long term knock on effect of the social ramifications of looking at people as a meal ticket or a dollar sign.

The aim should be to get a representative of all these people in a room and consider that the common ground everyone has is they are black and that they are all treated the same when they walk out on the street and that if they blindly go out to vote then they will not get anything delivered to them. These past 6 years has seen the current presidency deliver anything to black people as a whole since we did not sit down and demand action in favour of our communities.

The set out could be as follows all the groups of black people meeting at the following levels:

  • Local
  • Regional
  • State
  • National

At the local level it could be a group meeting with a representative elected by interested members of the community, with an agenda to present to the different groups. The local groups of persons meet up and discuss what they want from the electoral candidate on a local level.

On a regional level the representatives meet with the candidate on a regional/state level discuss what they want in return for their vote. This would be after dialogue has been made with the candidates representatives on a local and regional/state level.

On a national level the representatives then meet with the candidate on a state level and discuss what they want. This would provide a seriousness and intent on the candidate getting the black vote rather than just providing promises, which will be difficult to fulfil when they think, ‘yes you voted, but these people financially contributed to my campaign’, since money talks.

There are many factions within the black community who can provide different resources to ensuring a presidential in the short and medium term can deliver what we need rather than a free black vote:

Religious – Numbers and access to some finance to fund a candidates campaign in return for action, which serves our purpose.

Middle class – Finances which can support the candidates campaign and ensuring that our communities are economically, socially and politically developed to serve our purpose.

Working class – Provide the ability to put finances together and undertake groundwork to ensure our communities can be developed to ensure our futures and welfare to a certain degree is considered.

Concious – Can provide information on how the representative can put policies in place to ensure black people can prosper as a whole (where possible from the candidates policies)

Entrepreneur – Provide economic empowerment to the local communities and how the candidate can implement policies to ensure this is possible.

Despite these ideas there is a 16 month window in which black people, can have a say through unification, seriousness and intent, by talking to the candidates and paying for policies to be in our favour even on a just below the surface as we need something in the short term to allow us to regroup as a people then make strides, to the next action we must take to improve our situation in the west.

Here are some sources:

Dr Claude Anderson (video) How to play the game of politics and win

New York Times – Who wants to buy a politician – Supreme Court Ruling on political donations