Community Resources

If you have an idea for a business, the beginnings of a plan to help your community or if you would like to make a living from a hobby, then please feel free to read and click on any of the links below for a firm step in the right direction, as well as resources to facilitate this venture.

Grants directory


 If you are a group or individual and would you like to set up an organisation, please click on the link above and enter your age, sex and local area postcode, and funding requirements. What you may be eligible for will appear in a search list.

Community Funding


Have a idea which would help your local area and would like to find out how this could be possible? Click on the title (above) and take the next steps to find out what funding may be available in your area.

Princes Trust


Are you between the age of 24 and 30, and looking for a business or organisation idea? Clicking this link will take you to the Princes Trust website where you can find information on what funding is available for your idea.

National Lottery Good Causes


Here you will find  useful information on grants and other sources of  funding which may be available to you through the national lottery.

London Community Foundation


If you are in the London area and are looking for some funding there are different sources of funding for different projects. There are organisations, which will provide funding or information to ensure you are able to apply for further funding.




If you have an idea but are unsure where or how you can get funding and would like to invite others to invest in this project to make it happen, then click on the title. You can find out how it works and take your first steps to creating a new project.

There are other crowdfunding sources such as Crowdfunder, this can be used to make your idea a reality. There are also steps, which will walk you through creating a project and setting up a campaign for people to contribute to the campaign.

My community space


Your looking for a space, it could be a room, a hall or just a large space for you to hold meetings or provide community services, look no further than here as a useful resource for free and cheap rooms for a community event, family event or for training and educational purposes.

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