Financial Education

Financial education differs from conventional education, as you are not taught how to manage your personal finances in school or how to invest your money, which can earn you an income or provide some financial security as an adult. Below there are some sources and links, which will provide an insight into this:

Money Saving Expert


Looking for information on how you can learn about managing your finances or how you can teach your children to maintain their finances in the future. This site will help you work towards making this step.

Personal Finance Education Group


Looking for some resources and tools to assist you in teaching yourself, or others about personal finance look no further. The Personal Finance Education Group are an organisation that can help you to understand the importance of financial education.

As well as the resources above, here are some banks (this list is not exhaustive), which provide tips on how to improve your financial education (please click on the title to access the information:

Nationwide Building Society

Barclays Bank


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