Home Schooling

Welcome, this page will provide you with information to facilitate your large but hugely beneficial step for your child’s educational and nurturing needs:

National Black Home Educators


This site was launched in 2000 and provides information and support to Home Educators around the world although it is based in America. There are testimonials, information and guides on how you may teach your child in subjects, including English and Maths, along with information on conferences and events (based in the US). Although the information is free it is a membership organisation, which may be required to access some specific services.

CT Homeschool Network (CHN)


Although this is a regional home based school in America, there is some useful tools available to you as well as advice on how to go about setting up the home school and it provides a network with other parents who home school their children, which may be a source of ideas sharing or partnership in teaching your children.

Home Education (UK)


If you’re in the UK, this site will provide you with information in relation to the legal requirements you may be required to undertake if you are considering home schooling your child. Here is some further information in regards to the law and regulations in relation to Home Schooling your child please click here.

A Home Education


This site provides a UK-based information and support service if you are considering home schooling your child or if you are seeking ideas and new ways to teach your child.

Below are links, which provide information on why more Black parents are moving towards home schooling:

Home schooling: Why more black US families are trying it (BBC.co.uk)

Blacks take education into their own hands / New ground: Once dominated by whites, homeschooling appeals to more African Americans (SF.Gate.com)

African American homeschooling on the rise, over 200,000 (http://cthomeschoolnetwork.org/)

Various Homeschooling Articles in one place  (NBHE.net)

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