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Psychological Sounding Board

As a people, we need psychological intervention. There is a need for us on an individual and family level sort out our dysfunction. I’m not too proud to say I am suffering as a result of dysfunction.

It was only later in my 30’s and late 20’s that I realised the need to go for counselling. At first, I thought I was mentally ill and might have deep-lying problems As I was displaying very dysfunctional behaviours with no explanations. Though I learnt to let go or manage these behaviours and relationships I have for the better.

I have been a few times and it’s a slow process but I’d say I have had around 40 sessions. I’m hoping to get more in life further down the road. This is where black people come in we need a level of therapeutic measures. Men do not talk about feelings or express how they may feel but this does not have to mean you cry or have anger. You could be verbalising the frustration or anger you have.

A belief exists that you can pray a problem away if you are religious or push through it. This can build character but the problem will express itself through other behaviours. I appreciate there is a level of mistrust of using these services, though there is a level of confidentiality (although if something which is harmful to you or another is disclosed then the counsellor must disclose it to the authorities).

I most likely come off like the ideal Aquarius I am. Many black people go to see the doctor if they are physically ill. If you are mentally sick there is a reluctance to see a therapist or counsellor at an early stage to resolve the issue before it gets serious. As a people we let things get out of hand then take the nuclear option of sectioning the person and prescription medicine with its numerous side effects. This in many (but not all) can be avoided, with more education and an open mind.

If we understand that a lack of vitamin D, unfamiliar western lifestyles, dysfunction, individual processes against our collective nature and no one accord in different households we would be better off for going to the counselling services.

It doesn’t matter the race of the counsellor so long as they are professional and are a sounding board for our problems, which we find difficult to resolve between ourselves. The legacy of this could be greater communication between ourselves and more ability to recognise dysfunction which could halt greater incidence of mental health issues.

Here are some sources from both the UK and America on how you can get access to counselling (please click on the title):

UK (National)




Mental Health America

Shape – Affordable Therapy

Pro Bono/ Free Therapy

In another 4 years

Recently, there has been a lot of debates between people in the so-called ‘conscious network’ who are arguing amongst themselves. This lead me to the belief, which I have had for a few years, that nothing will change.

There will be the same debates and arguments about the same issues and problems and issues amongst people and the childish behaviour of those who should know better will continue, whilst our people struggle economically, financially and politically across the world, and a few opportunists will fill their pockets.

I predict one of two things either all three or two of three will have cashed out of the enlightenment network and someone else will be around to take their place or new people will join and the current three will be around trying to oust the new scammers.

Going back into an area of interest in the past few months has found that religious institutions and churches are making headways, whilst some black churches which make millions per year, do not see that reinvested in such ways through community centres or services to help local residents get jobs, access local services or pay bills.

All those years ago this blog and site was created to help people access information to improve their communities using the regeneration experience and knowledge I have to access different resources within their communities. If only one person found the blogs or the tools on the site useful, I am glad but being honest its a hobby so I will only post sporadically and not very often, if I have no new information and resources to giveaway.

Business As Usual

Recently, there have been the shootings and the deaths as a result. Black people on social media and over the internet have been talking about what to do next and how to go about stopping these things happening in the future. I remember in 2014, when my wife and I became more enlightened and started to see things from a deeper perspective. Micheal Brown was shot and we emotionally got sucked into the talk of taking action, at that time we were just finding our feet.

Over time we no realise that many people like to talk and as we are trying to set ourselves up to become more independent we are now not emotionally attached to the american situation since African Americans by and large only think about themselves and things which affect america.

I have set this site up and blogged over the last two years (even before Ferguson) to assist people with information and sources on developing their local communities through regeneration (since I have knowledge and experience of working in this area).

Many of the blogs I have posted are about community development through, physical regeneration (sweeting your walkway., doing your garden, cleaning/painting your walls), developing a regeneration strategy, creating black businesses and (a strong area of mine) bridging the digital divide, ensuring you are digitally literate so you can engage in certain conversations.

So, my position now is to be business as usual and continue with the work I am doing to become selfsufficient but also post information you might find useful on the website (at semi regular intervals).

I hope many black people are working towards, making things better for their people over a medium to long term rather than taking too much time out now to look at short term discussion points which do not deliver in the long term.

Critically Ill-informed

If your in the UK you have probably, noticed a big decision and if you acted within your rights you also had your input. Yes, the UK is now out of the European Union, well not yet as there are some massive loose ends, which need tying up but if you read the newspapers and the internet you’ll get at least the gist of this.

I’m here to look at the social, economic and political factors of this. Starting with the social factors, I look at those who voted in favour of staying as being silently racist but being informed of the ramifications of not leaving the EU. Those who voted out well thats clear they dont like black people (other races can speak for themselves). Black people in the UK are divided, especially as many Caribbean people cannot accept they are African and work with Africans when were are one of the same, just like the british european and the european from the penninsular are one in the same.

Economically, this is a problem, if you dont have a diverse income then you will be in trouble as European British people will employ thier own, whilst black people will have to fend for ourselves. Im not sure how many black people own thier own businesses, which is making profit, but this will need to exponentially grow in the next 5 years (preferably 2). If you are starting out like myself you have a chance, also if you are researching and wanting to create a income that too will be good enough.

If you do not have the motivation to start a business, investing might be an answer if you can, otherwise you may find you will struggle to make ends meet of find a job as black people in the UK have economic well as the numbers of businesses is low.

Our political position is linked to the economic position, if we dont have businesses then how can we elect councellors or MPs or even ask MP’s to campaign on our behalf for services we need or even sponsor services we need. This falls down to the point of view that the average black adult believes the government (local and national) should pay for the service or facility. No we should be paying for this.

This vote should be a kick up the backside but Im sure it wont be rather it will be just another thing to sit around and discuss then get up and live your normal life, I hope I’m wrong.

Black local innovation

As a people we don’t have a major share in technology,  which can be used to develop our communities and be a substantial part of our local economy. We buy technology from all races but we very rarely, if at all use technology as a business to sell products or to repair.

Currently, there is a number of people who are qualified academically, professionally or through life experience in this area. Attempts should be made to keep the highly educated black people in the areas they grew up in with other black people by getting them to (socially, economically or politically) invest in the area through creating centres or community hubs (places where we can go to discuss technology or share ideas), funding or championing the growth of technology centres in black areas. A podcast I was listening to was talking about how as black people we are behind in technological development.

In the UK most black people who work in technology, work for the government or for private companies. This also applies to scientists as well. There should be an approach to ensuring we can utilise these skills in UK communities (where black people live, in clusters)&, in some cases these skills are taken to Africa as many scientists and engineers are of african descent.

If we can set up a structure for our scientific and engineering professionals or those with an interest in technology to wet share ideas we may as a community develop a stronger business economy selling technology and services to ourselves and others.

How can this enable black empowerment, currently there is a lot of talk and discussion about the increasing role of technology in the world and how we live. In other cultures, like in business other cultures the members of the community move away learn something the bring that extra knowledge back to provide more skills and financial capital to the local economy.

Black people do this in respects of Africans and Caribbean a going back to their respective countries when they gain more knowledge. Black people in the UK tend to live in less black areas or they tend not to get involved in volunteering within that community.

Mainly these graduates and skilled workers would add to an existing industry in the black community. This is a challenge, which we would be required to overcome as there are few jobs the professionals would be required create jobs through business creation, possibly in partnership with other skilled professionals.

This is possible through networking and using community resources to provide a platform for the talented individuals and groups within our communities to develop and pursue their skill, in keeping our race up to date with technological developments from a sellers point of view rather than just a consumers.

Beneath the Rhetoric

September the 8th and every Friday thereafter, are our days to buy black. Well said whoever created this. Despite it being a sad state of affairs that we need this. We all need to start somewhere so this is a start.

However, in addition to this there should be some sort of strategy. There has been an attempt to create a strategy, for providing people tips on how to buy foods, by myself in two blogs one for businesses and one for consumers.

I think there is a lot of black businesses in the US which sell basics, but in the UK very few business sell basics such as bread, milk, and other staples in a large supply. The trick is to suggest to black business owners that they should stock staple foods prior to the next black out. If these businesses do get enough suggestions for that kind of food they may start stocking that food, in large quantities if it means it will encourage sales and sustained custom.

I would to start by creating a guide to buying black, which black people could utilise, as a initiative then work towards not needing, as we get more familiar with services and products which are more local to us.

It must be noted that it is difficult in the UK to exclusively shop with black businesses. Though we can do better in the UK, as other cultures sell our products and not ourselves, which is unacceptable. All cultural services should be provided by us for us, and if there is a demand for a service,  black people may enter that profession eventually to provide that service, with some support and formal encouragement. As we understand and empathise with our customers more than anyone else.

Supply and demand is a business mantra we as blacks should follow but we should all was have a consciousness of social upliftment as money can make us become selfish it should add to a community ethos, in order to allow is to maintain prosperity otherwise we will be in the same position but wealthier and still a severely marked race.

As I said in the previous blog, partnership and cooperative working is key and will be hard work learning to trust each other at first but those worth trusting will be around for the long hall.


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