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Often I see people complaining about a movie not having enough black people or saying a film has enough black people in.

There are ways to overcome this, make your own. I have written blogs before outlining this. I’m no film buff but I’d be happy to try and facilitate the making of a film my project management experience and knowledge would be put to the text, though I use project management organise myself rather than being a project manager.

Enough waffle, I am aware a film can be expensive to make though you do not need to look to Hollywood to make one just make it simple with a great story line.

The Nate Parker film, I’ll watch it but I’m aware that black people have been at it again, mental masturbating and laying down excuses. If we as a people were motivated then more of our projects worldwide would get started and more of our films would be backed.

If you want to see a film which had yourself and reflects you watch Nollywood and if you have a big idea contact some Nollywood producers.

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Films And Distribution Online

Recently, I have been watching some films online, via a rental service. This was a documentary to do with black people and our history. This was a rental hire online where the film was available for rent.

The films are not usually advertised (not to say they are not available) for rental on the persons website who is promoting the visual content. Providing an option of renting the film online would be an option for those who do not want to commit to purchasing a copy of the film.

If you are making a film you may consider, making your film available for rental and purchase streaming. The early adopters may watch the film, provide comments, blogs and videos reviewing the final product which would allow (if good) for you to make some income, before the film is made available to DVD for further sales.

There are different services which can facilitate you in digitally distributing your film, below is a list of some distributors but not exhaustive:

YouTube – Monetize and self advertise.
Createspace – Rental and Purchase from downloads, gain royalties.
Distrify – More for filmsharing and creating a community.
Indiereign – 70% + Paypal fee (3%) A market place where you can put your video content for sale or rent.
Pivotshare – 70% of the final fee Will assist you in selling your video content.
Reelhouse – 94% you can distribute your content to your audience.
VHX – 90% can distribute the film directly to your audience.
Vimeo on Demand – 83 – 96 % can cover your delivery and distribution costs.
Fetch APP – 100% but you would need to be part of a plan which ranges from $5 – $500 Per month. This can be downloaded videos which can be integrated with WordPress, Shopify, and others.
Gum Road – Can provide you with a platform to sell your content on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud or a Newsletter.
Intelivideo – 90% cut with the monthly charge of $4.99, £24.99 and $99.00.

This list above shows that you are able to use a online provider to distribute your work digitally and you can on most of them set up a rental and a purchase scheme for a percentage of the sales fee or for a monthly sign up.

There are other sites, and ways in which you are able to distribute the film this could be through selling the content from your website

Making your content available online for rent and as another option to buying the stream or physical DVD can be the difference between no sale and a smaller scale.