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Black Local Economic Development – Part 1

The idea of community development can work in theory. Much of the content on this site is working towards trying to promote community development, socially, economically and physically.

There are two approaches to local community economic development. One is getting funding from the government the alternative is to create our own economy. In this part we will consider getting funding from the government.

The aim of getting funding from the government means they will control where the funds are spent. This means the economy which is developed locally will be attached to the national economy.

As black people in the UK (or those reading from abroad). This has been undertaken for years with a lack of positive results. Demonstrated reviving funding from national organisations or associations, but being directed, where to spend the funding by professionals and policy makers, who are not fully aware of our needs as a people.

There is also the lack of exclusivity in the UK or around the world as many ethnicities are involved as the national government set out a policy for ethnicities but not Strickley black people and other ethnicities benefit, whilst us blacks fall by the wayside. Though I must apportion blame to ourselves since we on a large scale, cannot mobilise or organise effectively, to take full advantage of such opportunities.

In part two I will discuss, the for us by us mantra and how is should work in theory.