Enabling Success

So, you’re looking for a way to find support and funding for a business idea you would like to get off the ground, but feel your circumstances are in the way, no need to worry as there are some services below which can provide you with some information and support.


New Enterprise Allowance

If you are looking for public support and guidance (with some funding) you can speak to your local job centre who may be able to provide you with some information and a mentor who may assist you in making your vision a reality.


Enterprise Exchange

Are you looking for some direction and specific advice in regards to your personal circumstance and needs, look no further as this organisation will provide you with one to one support, workshops to develop your ideas and support once your ambition has come to fruition.


Case Study

Want to start, but would like to have a look at how others have gone about this, this article demonstrates how you can go about starting your own business, despite what personal barriers you face and how you can make it work for you.

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