Social reporting

In the role of Digital Inclusion champion, I used to attend conferences on digital inclusion and open data. In these conferences the organiser would set up a #hashtag. This would allow event attendees to tweet about the event under this #hashtag.

The tweets would include key points, interesting discussions taking place and most importantly it would allow those who did not attend the event to be involved through following events using the #hashtag. This would allow them to pose live questions despite not being present and seek different answers and perspectives.

In addition to the tweets being posted, there would be pictures and videos uploaded of a particular person who was hosting or presenting at the event. There would be in some cases live streaming at these events.

The main point is black organisations, who are hosting or attending events can afford to socially report. This is a cost effective measure and it also means those who cannot attend will be kept up to date with updates from the event.

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