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Un-Healthy Food Utopia

Based on the fact that we have 40 + million of us in one country. By all accounts we should be eating a great deal better. It seems as though we have busy lives and not enough time to cook fresh food, though it should be a priority. As young and old are not receiving the required nutrition according to their lifestyles and they are eating convenient foods, which are high in fat and salt and are plain manufactured.

The approach to take would be to cook fresh which is easier said than done, though. people should look at the benefits of cooking meals from fresh which should include simple meals then more complex meals. Many of the people in America (especially in cities) are eating fast food three times a day rather than having it occasionally or very rarely.

The one thing which can cause this in a neighbourhood is the occurrence of food deserts where there is a lack of affordable supermarkets and markets in African American neighbourhoods. This leads to a less likely chance of there being homes and households which are cooking fresh foods, rather they will be cooking processed foods and take out food, which will mean there is an increased level of health problems, and mentally it will tire the community out.

In some cities and towns there can be supermarkets in the more affluent areas rather than the poor black ones, which just have liquor shops and 7 -11’s. More black owned business (where possible should consider opening a fresh vegetable shop or teaming up with migrant black people from the caribbean or Africa to get produce which can be imported to the US from those countries, which will at least place some fresh fruits and vegetables in black neighbourhoods.

The other side of the equation is when there are supermarkets there can be GM foods too, especially in the US. There is a need for non GM foods but this is available at a price as farmers markets offer organic foods but at an expensive price.

The black network, will on the whole in cities look for convenient ways in which to cook foods, and there is the other equation of there being people who work two or three jobs which means there is not enough time to cook a meal.

One other tip which black people should consider is eating less meat and eating more beans and grains such as lentils, beans and other pulses. Wholemeal versions of products are healthier though they will tale more time to get used to. Cutting out or reducing dairy and eggs where possible is important as products with this in has a higher percentage of fat compared to products without dairy or eggs.

Below are some tips on purchasing and cooking fresh foods:

  • Cook for two days rather than one.
  • If working many days and hours cook for four/five days and freeze the foods for when you want to eat it.
  • Eat out less
  • Buy Generic or shop brands
  • Find Farmers and Ethnic Markets
  • Purchase in Bulk
  • Try eating Grains and less meat
  • Eat less canned meats and fish
  • Grow foods

If we can have a fresh food stall or store or even a small market, we can start to go back to our holistic roots eating fresh and having less health problems in our communities. The challenges we face include providing the information, getting the information noticed and then action being taken on this information provided.


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