Partnership and the individual

Currently, I’m working on a number of project proposals, one of which is a project, I feel is most needed and centred around an African theme. The one thing that is lacking, which was part of the aims is the recruitment of a consortium. Sell the idea and utilising available support for it to move towards realisation. This will require more pro-activity from myself as this is in the early stages, though I have been critically reflecting on the topic of partnership working.

Partnership working is difficult to achieve at an ideas stage, so it’s important to provide as much details as possible in order for people to come on board. It has to be expected that being a black person as my own people are the most sceptical in ourselves. This can be seen as a downside. Though for me having to persuade stakeholders to invest capital and resources into projects, it’s more of a challenge ensuring the information provided is balanced, but as I may have stated before, stakeholders like to see the profit or what costs can be saved.

Partnerships often act as a basis to benefit individuals and their individual aims. This is human nature and even I think like that most of the time. Though I am not a people person, and never admitted to that, but what makes me stand out is my charitable nature in how I enjoy working for the upliftment of people around me and not to be recognised for it so in order for a partnership to function effectively each party must monitor their own priorities, but ensure they do not affect the priorities of the partnership.

There have been occasions professionally and on a voluntary basis where I have been involved in partnerships where partners, have a role, but are not taking the responsibility seriously as they have not invested in the partnership and expecting to gain the benefits. I have been in others where all members have put 100% effort in and have enjoyed the benefits. There’s no guessing for which had long term success and which did not.

My advice to partnerships do your bit if the others don’t put in 100% (it doesn’t have to be perfect, just hard work), see what happens if it doesn’t work you know you grafted, at least.

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